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Foot Deodorants

Ag Pharm On Foot Powder with Tea tree & Aloe Vera 100ml
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Brand: AG Pharm
Foot powder with Tea tree and Aloe veraIt directly fights bad smell and effectively absorbs sweat.Prevents moisture in the foot and between the toes.Protects against fungi.It contains essential oils of mint and tea tree that offer immediate relief...
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BIOTEN Rose Deodorant Spray 150ml
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Brand: Bioten
With 100% Organic Rose Extract, natural origin prebiotics, 48h protection and formula against white marks, Bioten Rose spray ensures 100% invisible effect and a rounded  musky scent, the beauty elixir each woman seeks! Bioten Rose deodorant spray with 100% Organic Rose Extract and natural ..
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FREZYDERM Frezyfeet Odor Stop Spray 150ml
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The Frezyderm Odor Stop Deodorant Foot Spray regulates sweat secretion, prevents maldour, protects and inhibits bacteria proliferation (''athlete's foot'').Special additives for hydration, protection and emolliency.Use: spray on clean and dry feet, particularly between the toes.Avoid spraying on pro..
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SCHOLL Fresh Step Deodorant spray for feet 150ml
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Brand: Scholl
Scholl Fresh Step Freshness Deo is a spray for feet, that refreshes, during 24 hours.This deodorant has a double action formula to:- Instantly neutralize bad odors.- Bring 24 hours of protection against bad odors.It brings a light perfume, for a long-lasting sensation of freshness...
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