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Stretch Marks Prevention

FREZYDERM Prevenstria Cream Protective Body Cream 150ml
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Protect your skin against stretch marks during pregnancy, puberty and when sudden weight change occurs. Avocado extract hydrates the skin, while the other active ingredients reduce transdermal water loss, improves skin texture and increase elasticity and resilience. The cream prevents the weakening ..
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FREZYDERM Reconstria Cream 75ml
-10 %
Frezyderm Reconstria Cream 75mlReconstructive cream for the correction of streaks that occur during pregnancy or after a sudden weight change. It hydrates the skin superficially and deeply, restructures collagen and elastin and smoothes the skin, restoring elasticity and even appearance.Suitable for..
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MUSTELA Stretch Marks Prevention Oil 105ml
-20 %
Brand: Mustela
Improves skin elasticity and softness to contribute to preventing the appearance of stretch marks.Specially formulated for expectant and new mothers, Stretch marks prevention oil helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks thanks to its unique combination of active ingredients and ingredients of n..
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