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MICROLIFE NC-150 Microlife NC 150 Touch-free ForeHead Thermometer
-30 %
Brand: Microlife
Infrared front thermometer, with accurate indication in 3 seconds.Special use:Thermometer for the whole family, especially handy even during sleep.Non-contact measurementRecommended by doctorsGentle and healthySpecifications:Non-contact measurementMultiple uses: measuring fever, space, objectsBuzzer..
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Easy, fast measurement in 1 second from the forehead, without physical contact.With maximum accuracySafe . It does not carry germsWith backlit screen for use in the darkWith audible notification of completion of the measurementIn addition to the fever, you can also measure your baby's milk or food t..
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BEURER FT 65 Multi Functional Thermometer BEURER FT 65 Multi Functional Thermometer
-30 %
Brand: Beurer
A real all-rounder! In addition to ear and forehead measurement, the thermometer can also determine surface temperatures. The temperature alarm and the date and time display are perfect additions for simple and convenient measurement.6-in-1 function: ear, forehead and surface temperature, temperatur..
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BEURER FT 90 non-contact Thermometer BEURER FT 90 non-contact Thermometer
-30 % Discontinued
Brand: Beurer
Measurement without skin contact! The clinical thermometer measures body temperature, ambient temperature and surface temperature.Measurement of body, ambient and surface temperatureHygienic and safe – measurement without skin contactMeasurement in secondsInfrared measurementTemperature alarm: from ..
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BEURER FT 95 Non- Contact Infrared Thermometer - Bluetooth BEURER FT 95 Non- Contact Infrared Thermometer - Bluetooth
-30 % Discontinued
Brand: Beurer
Non-contact fever measurement and data transferWith the FT 95 non-contact thermometer, you can always keep track of your temperature. You can transfer your values to both the "beurer HealthManager" and the "beurer BabyCare" app via Bluetooth® – and therefore have a clear overview of all of your resu..
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DOMTHERM TH1 Digital Thermometer
-5 %
Brand: Roche
Easy and reliable temperature measurement at the touch of a button.Characteristics:Measurement at 60 '' from the armpit, mouth or anusUnbreakable and waterproofWith sound measurement completion notificationLast measurement memoryLong lasting batteryPlastic storage case..
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Digital thermometer without contact, light and portable for use.It is very simple and convenient to use. Accurate temperature measurement in 1 second.Suitable for home users, hotels, libraries, large businesses and institutions, it can also be used in hospitals, schools, customs, airports.-Fast..
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PIC Solution Vedo Eco plus Termometro PIC Solution Vedo Eco plus Termometro
Out Of Stock
Brand: Pic Solution
Eco-friendly mercury-free clinical thermometer. The liquid used is an alloy of gallium, indium and tin, completely non-toxic and not harmful to the environment...
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Brand: Pic Solution
A simple digital thermometer for the whole family.It's fast, with measurements taking between 60 and 120 seconds. The display is easy to read, the thermometer stores the last measurement, and it emits a sound at the end, which is different if it's above 37.5°C.The batteries will last for at least 10..
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